Monday, December 29, 2014

My Luminous Day

So, when I'm not making art, working or petting cats, I'm usually out on my bicycle, or I am when it's not raining, anyway. When it comes to rain, I'm with the cats on the subject...nasty stuff to be out in! Especially since I really don't believe in special clothing/gear for riding – bicycles are for everyone, and you don't necessarily need fancy spandex/goretex/whatevertex to enjoy them.

I love riding. It's great exercise and there's always so much beauty out there. Today I was fascinated by the quality of the light and the changeful sky. Over the course of the day, the cloud cover thinned and broke up and reformed multiple times, but even when the sun was covered, the valley still seemed to be especially luminous. In my head, I used words like pearly, opalescent, golden, milky, magical, and wished that I could somehow capture all those different lights with my camera.

The skies sprinkled a bit on me, but I really didn't care about those few misty drops on my glasses. I was snug in layers and so happy to be out in the crisp air, cheeks and nose pink from the cold.

What makes you happiest in midwinter?

An incredibly rare selfie

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