Friday, January 30, 2015

Calling Out Winter

Calling Out Winter
Sometimes I have to remember to make art just for the joy of it. This one will never be a commercial piece. It's an illustration for one of my favorite songs lately, Joshua Radin's Winter.

Sometimes, when I get so bogged down in other things that I can't make myself create, it helps to do it just for the sake of creation, without any other agenda besides the doing of it.

Other stuff I'm doing lately? Decluttering. Riding my bike. Learning Swedish. Learning linen stitch. Good general winter things.

PS. Look for the ghosts.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Her Journey - Happy 2015!

First collage of the year! Oh, so many things I love about this piece.

I love the starry background and the rich texture. I love the bird and egg and nests for their beautiful symbolism – hope and rebirth and new beginnings and flight and home all at once. I love the sweet pops of color in the flowers against the serene background.

One of the things I thought about as I made this collage is our journey through conscious life. First, we are eggs, precious, fragile, unformed – waiting to be born into our real lives. Then, we are people, with all our hopes and fears and uncertainties. Finally, we are spirit, ready to launch into the unknown, to reach for the stars. From egg to wing, in one lifetime – we are all on a journey.