Thursday, June 18, 2015

Before June Ends

Our display at the Purple Cow Winery
Where on earth is this month going? June is one of my favorite months and it's already more than half gone. Among the nifty things I've been meaning to blog about, my friend Vandy and I are the featured artists this month at the Purple Cow Winery in Newberg, Oregon.

Vandy's glorious mixed-media
Vandy is so multi-talented, I can't even begin to tell you all the wonderful things she does. Glasswork and mixed media are way up there, though. I should have gotten a closer shot of the two Mongolian eagle hunter pieces on the upper right – they are encaustics and pictures just don't do them justice. 

My mixed-media and digital collages
For this show, I wanted to mix my digital collages with my paper collages, something I haven't done before. I was really pleased with how well they go together – how clearly my creative voice comes through whether I'm working with ephemera, original artwork and paint, or on a digital canvas.

If you happen to be in Newberg before their next First Friday event in July, drop by and enjoy the art with a glass of wine. I particularly enjoyed the muscat.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Blues And Purples Are The Colors Of My Spring

Blue and purple, kind of like a bruise. I've been having a hard time getting through the cloudy, rainy days of spring this year, when all I really want is sun and warm and bright, dewy mornings. Depression isn't this big, romantically tragic artistic thing for me – it's a set of weights on my ankles, a fog standing between me and my drive to create. But it's almost summer, the sun is coming more regularly, and I'm working on finding inspiration, refilling my creative well, and then BLOOMING.

I am loving blue and purples flowers like never before. Sweet rosemary blossoms with their vivid blues, flowering sage with its dusky purple, against ten thousand shades of green. I'll go for a walk and stop every few blocks to capture something of the colors of the season. It's like a compulsion. But what a glorious compulsion! I try to get a ladybug's eye view, and the results are so rewarding. Looking at these photos warms me like sunshine.